Grape variety: autochthonous pecorino 100%.

Geographical location of the vineyard: vineyards are located at about 250 meters above sea level. The nature of the soil is mainly alluvial of medium texture with a sandy tendency, characterized by a very good drainage but a shortage of organic substances.

Vinification: in steel, fermentation process at a controlled temperature, in the presence of selected yeasts.

Refining: in steel.

Alcohol content: 13% Vol.

Colour: bright straw yellow colour.

Smell: floral, with a great intensity of mature fruit.

Wine glass: tulip-shaped glass.

Serving temperature: 10-11°C.

Taste: savory, fresh, well balanced and full-bodied wine.

Gastronomic pairings: with its bright straw yellow colour, this wine is fine and very persistent. Pecorino is a real delight as an aperitif, but matches very well also with seafood based pasta or fish dishes, sushi and grilled vegetables. Perfect with tasty first courses and rice dishes. It marries perfectly also with pizza.

Bottle of Pecorino

"Al sole che scalda le colline"


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