I'm a winegrower of happiness like my grandfather and the grandfather of my grandfather before him. The same land, between the mountains and the sea, the same rites, the same genuineness.

A unique aroma, resulting from the combination of ancient family traditions with an infinite love for the land and new manufacturing techniques.

A passion renewing itself year after year, starting from the utmost care given to the vineyards, to the harvest and the bottling.

A slow but constantly evolving process that comes to us from the 19th century, enshrined in a glass of wine.

"Ed il vino fluisce rosso,
lungo mille generazioni
come il fiume del tempo."

Jorge Luis Borges
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Winemaking through the discovery of ancient masteries and the return to the culture of the terroir, with a particular focus on the selection of autochthonous grape varieties and an utmost care and competence at all stages of manufacturing.

Innovating through the rediscovery of my ancestors’ wines flavor, that was gentle and light, created to bring joy. That’s why it was enjoyable both from neophytes, not loving high alcoholic wines, and from wine connoisseurs.

Whoever is with you, ideal for all sorts of events, a romantic dinner or a friendly banquet, the elegance of my wine is suitable for drinking throughout your meals. Every sip will give you a real pleasure to your palate, the same with which it was produced.

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Our hillsides can be considered as a Middle Earth between water and snow, but also a borderland between Nord and South, between ancient and modern. This is a generous land that gives birth to a cheerful and gentle wine, reflecting the spirit of its inhabitants.

A territory to discover for its history and monuments, a hilly area surrounded by a pastel colour nature which creates an enchanted atmosphere.

Centenarian vines are flourishing in a small village of this region, from which we obtain the best grape varieties for our delicate and sweet wines, that will match with whatever you want.

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A man is his own land, and this man is deep-rooted and motionless, just like a tree, just like a vineyard among other vineyards.

This is a proud or maybe tipsy man, certainly not old, but romantic and elegant, wise and nearly modern: he lets us taste his presence even though he has his back turned.

He is looking forward in the future, he is looking out at the distant horizon between the sea and the mountains, where he succeeded in melting his vineyards to the landscape and his wine to the smell of the grass and the sea. A wine melted into time which leads us in the future.

Someone recognizes my great-grandfather Carlo in that man, someone else my grandfather. Personally, I can see myself in that label, my ancient new world and the taste of my wine.

"Il vino fulgido sul palato indugiava inghiottito.
Pigiare nel tino grappoli d’uva. Il calore del sole, ecco che cos’é.
È come una carezza segreta che mi risveglia ricordi."

James Joyce
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